IELTS preperation free online tests

1-      This website contains 2 free tests, no password required, but it might not work on some browsers. Answer the questions after finishing the test, it will gives the results.                   

2-      Free online test for practicing i.e shows immediately weather the answer correct or not or you can complete the test and the answers then will apear, there are several tests, grammar quizzes, vocabulary and more

3-      Free IELTS test, Just click on section 1, the question sheet will be available and click on the audio will play in another page.                                                                                     

4-      The academic test is here, it might not work on some browser because it require flash player                                                              

And general training test is here

5-      This website contain a lot of free test require media player plugin contain 13 tests and many other materials

6-      This website require window media player plugin

7-      Free sample test
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  1. Thanks for the heads up! IELTS is very challenging and it should not be taken for granted. It needs time as well as constant review and practice.

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  2. IELTS is very important for those people who need to Study In UK . IELTS test methodology is really awesome. I agree that one should pass this test to be able to communicate in UK English. 

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  3. After attemting for my IELTS five times I had to get professional help and nothing like enrolling in Insearch I had an amazing support team that helped me clear and achieve my required target.

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